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SmartDis - Semi-Automatic Disassembly of an Antenna Amplifier


Manuel Amersdorfer, Thomas Meurer

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Timon Hörbert, Munir Merdan, Stephan Seibel, Othman Shakir, Sabine Pannik, David Neubauer, Stefan Thalhammer, Markus Vincze

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Institut für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik und Mechanik (MVM)


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This video shows the experimental results of a semi-autonomous disassembly process for electronic devices. The three main parts of an antenna amplifier are separated from each other by removing multiple screws with an industrial robotic manipulator. Here, the screws are detected and localized by a vision system from RGB-D images. The digital twin combines model and sensor information from the work cell and the workpiece. It provides the basis for ontology-based decision-making and collision-free motion planning for the position-controlled robot. The experimental setup reuses legacy hardware, including the robot and screwdriver, controlled by the Robot Operating System (ROS). The results show that most of the screws can be removed automatically by the robot before a human operator unscrews the remaining ones and separates the casing parts and circuit boards.


Intelligent automation, Recycling, Industrial robots, Disassembly, Robot Operating System (ROS)

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Meß- und Regelungstechnik, Instrumentenkunde


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