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04: Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange: From kinetic theory to the limits of plant life, 10.08.2017


Gabriel Katul


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04 |
0:00:00 Start
0:00:59 Collaborators
0:02:12 Introduction
0:03:09 Evaporation: A Molecular Perspective
0:05:57 From ‘Molecular‘ to ‘Turbulence‘
0:07:59 Bringing in the energy
0:10:38 Combination equation and thermal stratification effects
0:11:34 Bringing in the plants
0:13:35 Stomata and the climate system
0:15:08 Stomata and climate
0:16:21 Stomata and the climate system
0:18:37 Droughts and Forest Mortality
0:19:38 Water transport theories
0:22:45 Question:
0:23:38 Hypothesis for each system
0:27:03 Leaf gas – exchange equations
0:28:53 Contemporary empirical formulations
0:30:37 Widely used in climate models
0:32:25 Optimization model (Lan Cowan)
0:35:27 Optimization model
0:36:55 Linearized biochemical demand function
0:39:55 Optimization model
0:41:22 Recovery of empirical models
0:43:49 Stomatal responses to vapor pressure deficit: Is the D^-1/2 consistent with literature responses?
0:45:29 Stomatal responses to vapor pressure deficit: Is the D^-1/2 reasonable?
0:45:53 Optimization models (Linear form)
0:47:28 Apparent feed – forward mechanism
0:52:36 Optimization models and apparent feed–forward mechanism
0:53:24 Apparent feed–forward mechanism
0:53:53 Apparent feed–forward mechanism for Rubisco–limited Photosynthesis
0:55:27 Apparent feed-forward mechanism: Revisiting Bunce(1997) data
0:56:20 More on the onset of apparent feedforward mechanism
0:58:44 Revise to accommodate mesophyll
1:00:34 Linearized formulation
1:03:02 Model results
1:04:02 How to specify λ for a fluctuation water supply?
1:04:48 Plausibility argument for a constant λ on short times
1:09:01 Single dry–down time scale
1:11:17 Konrad et al. 2008: Determine λww from Stomatal pore geometry and diffusion
1:11:50 Hydraulic transport
1:12:51 Maximum hydraulic transport
1:22:16 Sugar mass transport in Phloem
1:24:14 Optimal sugar concentration
1:25:20 Putting it all together – coordination
1:26:28 Conclusions and Future Directions
1:27:49 Future Directions

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MICMoR Summer School 2017: Transport Phenomena and the Limits of Life in the Biosphere

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