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14: Physical limits on plant size and their organs, 16.08.2017


Kaare H. Jensen


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14 |
0:00:00 Start
0:01:52 Literature
0:01:55 Centennial of On Growth and Form by D'Arcy Thompson
0:02:44 Question: Why no wheels in nature?
0:03:31 Example: Why no wheels?
0:04:37 Question: What drives evolution in biological systems?
0:04:54 Energetics of Evolution
0:06:50 Example: Size of living organisms
0:07:29 Bacterial size limited by feeding strategy
0:11:12 Sugar transport
0:11:45 The leaf is an osmotic pump
0:12:42 First mathematical model
0:14:24 Later mathematical model
0:15:14 Phloem models are complex
0:15:54 Resistor model for phloem flow speed
0:18:09 Optimal design of an osmotic pump
0:22:04 Physical limits to leaf size
0:22:59 Theophrastus, 350 BC
0:26:22 The global spectrum of plant form and function
0:27:55 Resistor model for phloem flow speed
0:28:56 limits to leaf size
0:30:29 Upper limits to leaf size
0:31:07 Lower limits to leaf size
0:35:09 Can we engineer plants that produce more sugar?
0:36:09 Drawing ''blood'' from a plant
0:36:41 Plants treat fluorescein as sugar!
0:38:04 Confocal Microscope – Photobleaching
0:38:58 Microfluid model
0:39:58 Plant sugar concentration
0:41:23 Sugar flow in plants
0:42:38 Sugar mass flow
0:42:56 Plants are optimized for efficient transport
0:43:54 Crop plants have highest concentration
0:44:40 iPhloem 2017

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MICMoR Summer School 2017: Transport Phenomena and the Limits of Life in the Biosphere

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